Saturday, 17 April 2010

Children's Fashion....

It has been a bug bear of mine for sometime now about children's fashion that we are seeing on the market nowadays. My thoughts are triggered though by the reports in the rag about Primark selling padded bikinis for 7 year old children!

Twenty years ago when I used to decide what clothes I wanted to wear, I went for shorts and t-shirts everytime. The last thing my parents tried to do was to dress me like a little adult. I find it a little disturbing that parents want to do just this.

Why do I refuse to dress my children in such attire? Simply because they are children. Children are not for display. They need to be able to go out and get filthy in mud and get covered in paint and not worry about scuffing their platform shoes!

Children need to concentrate on being little people that are trying to learn about their world, they should not be dragged up to look like adults. They may want to be treated like an adult - curbing the actual development of the child.

That would be a very disappointing childhood regret.

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